International scientific cooperation is the basis of interaction between the Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) and the national and international academic community as well as the industry partners. In line with this, the global strategic goal of Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) is both to develop and modernize its academic programs, integrating multidisciplinary scientific research and top-level technologies, and to expand its relations with leading universities worldwide. In line with this, CMU's Bureau of International Scientific Cooperation was founded in 2005 with the aim of strengthening the university's scientific credibility in the international arena  by taking initiatives in the following areas:

Ø  Promoting international interaction with international universities according to CMU's Strategic Plan

Ø  Identifying opportunities for educational and research cooperation with national and international universities

Ø  Coordinating cooperation with national and foreign universities

Ø  Establishing relationships with global operators and future partners for educational and research purposes

Ø  Attracting and encouraging Iranian scientists abroad to cooperate and participate in CMU's educational and research projects

Ø  Facilitating academic links with universities abroad through effective communication with the Islamic Republic of Iran's embassies in foreign countries

Ø  Communicating with Iranian and foreign cultural centers and cooperating with foreign researchers, professors, and students studying in such fields as Persian language and Iranian Studies

Ø  Arranging facilities for holding regional and international conferences, congresses, and meetings

As a part of it mission mentioned above,  CMU's  Bureau of International Scientific Cooperation prepares drafts for memoranda of understanding and agreements, handles the affairs related to CMU's membership in academic communities, supervises and supports foreign students studying at CMU, receives and reviews reports from CMU's delegates to foreign countries and plans accordingly, facilitates faculty members' participation in international conferences and seminars, helps arrange for student exchange programs, and provides the necessary services for international scientific cooperation, including correspondence, translation, interpreting, and internationalization.

Foreign visitors wishing their visa to be arranged by Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) need to correspond with CMU's Bureau of International Scientific Cooperation. Applicants will be asked to submit several documents such as passport copy, scanned biometric photo, and the like. Upon the confirmation of their visit by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, their visa will be processed with the help of CMU's Bureau of International Scientific Cooperation. This usually takes some 20 days to complete; therefore, applicants must submit their applications in due time.



Director of Bureau of International Scientific Cooperation

Dr. Ali Beikian

Office Email:

Personal E-mail:  

Phone: (+98 54) 31272010