Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) Leadership



Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) Leadership consists of the Chancellor, the University Council, and the Board of Directors.


Being the Chief Executive Officer responsible for implementing policies developed by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor of Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) is delegated with the authority to adopt policies and procedures consistent with the Board of Trustees’ policies to manage the University.


University Council

The University Council is the second policy-making body of CMU and consists of the Board of Directors, the deans of colleges, and the directors of affiliated research and educational centers. The University Council is responsible for proposing educational, research, and executive policies of the University in accordance with the macro-policies approved by the Board of Trustees, reviewing cooperation policies with governmental and non-governmental institutions, addressing academic and research concerns of the University, and reviewing and approving the proposed plans and programs.

Board of Directors

As the second most important executive body of CMU, the Board of Directors are comprised of the chancellor, the Vice-chancellor for Administration and Finance, the Vice-chancellor for Socio‐Cultural and Student Affairs, the Vice-chancellor for Research and Technology, and the Vice-chancellor for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies. The Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing and suggesting administrative, financial, and transactional by-laws, drafting annual budgets, developing the organizational chart, and coordinating responsibilities at Chabahar Maritime University (CMU).


The current members of the Board of Directors are as follows:

Ø     Associate Professor Amir Rajaei, University chancellor

Ø     Associate Professor Jafar Sayareh, Vice-chancellor for Administration and Finances

Ø     Associate Professor Morteza Ziyaadini, Vice-chancellor for Socio‐Cultural and Student Affairs

Ø     Assistant Professor Rasool Damani, Vice-chancellor for Research and Technology

Ø    Assistant Professor Mahdi Rezapour, Vice-chancellor for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies


Chancellor of Chabahar Maritime University (CMU)


Dr. Amir Rajaei

University Degree: Ph.D.

Academic Position: Associate Professor


Telephone: 0098 54 35321021-22


Fax: 0098 54 35321025


Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finances