Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) Library System



The library system of Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) is comprised of a Central Library and three branches located within the colleges of the university. The library system is in charge of providing information in science and technology in the form of books, periodicals, theses and dissertations, masters and doctoral archival materials, films, compact discs, and digital databases to support lectures, instructions, and research undertaken at the various departments of Chabahar Maritime University (CMU).  

The Central Library is comprised of the Circulation Department with titles in Persian and English; the Periodicals and Journals Desk; the Information Services and Interlibrary-loan Desk; the Document Supply Center, informing members about library resources; the Audio-Visual Desk, providing documents in the form of microfilm, software, and films; the Theses and Reports Desk, providing volumes of graduate theses and governmental reports; the Purchasing and Acquisition Department, responsible for selecting and buying books and other library resources; and the Cataloging Department, responsible for the cataloging of books and bibliographic records.

CMU students, faculty, and staff can become a member of the Central Library with no membership fee. Before applying for membership, please read the following membership Rules and Regulations, meant to promote the judicious and fair use of library materials for the mutual benefit of the CMU community.

Ø  No person shall be allowed to borrow any item from the library until they have been properly charged out; and on leaving the library, all users shall be required to surrender their personal belongings to the library staff at the entrance for checking. Borrowed items can be renewed as long as they have not been requested by other library users.

Ø  Silence must be observed in and around the library at every time. Noise making, group discussion, making and answering calls, shouting within the library, playing music on computers and/or handsets in the library shall be strictly prohibited.

Ø  Library users must not attempt to put books back on the shelves. Once taken off from the shelves, the book should be left on the tables.

Ø  Failure to return borrowed items on due dates, theft, concealment, and library material mutilation in any form, including but not limited to squeezing and folding, writing, defacing, marking, and/or coloring, shall all be considered as capital offenses.

Ø  No briefcase or handbags shall be allowed in the library; and smoking, eating, and drinking shall be prohibited in the library, too. Reading tables and chairs must not be moved from their positions, nor shall library users be allowed to reserve seats in the library. Any seat not physically occupied can be used by another person.

To become a member in the Central Library and its college branches, you need to complete the membership form and then come to the Central Library so that your ID Card will be checked and your membership will be approved.


As a member of the Central Library, you can borrow a wide range of materials from the library halls upon producing your Student ID Card according to the Borrowing Limitations mentioned in the table below:


Type of Member

Maximum Number of loans

Length of Loan

Undergraduates Students

4 books

2 weeks

Master Students

6 books

2 weeks

Ph.D. Students

8 books

4 weeks


8 books

4 weeks


3 books

2 weeks


We welcome suggestions for purchasing relevant materials for the library, but before giving your suggestions, please first check the library catalogue to make sure that we do not already have the item you are going to suggest.