Degrees and Concentrations:

1- Bachelor of English Translation

2. Master of English Language Teaching

3- Master of General Linguistics

4. Doctorate of English Language Teaching

Course Title:

Bachelor of English Translation


This program has been translated and compiled according to the goals of the Humanities Transformation Council, which are updating, efficiency, localization and Islamization of university educational programs, as well as emphasizing the strengthening of the relationship between the university and the work market. Its goals are defined at three levels:

1) Strengthen language skills (English quadruple skills as well as Persian language skills including writing and editing)

2) Strengthen translation ability included

-Familiarity with the principles and techniques of translation

- Acquiring skills in translation from English to Persian and vice versa in the fields of writing, speaking, audio, and media

-Use the tools and technology of the day to do translation in the market

3) More specialized English translation course

Course length:

And the courses are distributed in 8 semesters. The duration of the bachelor's degree in English translation is four years

Number and type of courses:


Sum of Courses

Type of Courses

Course of study






136 Units

0 Units

10 Units

82 Units

22 Units

22 Units

Continuous Bachelor


Course Title:

Master of English Language Teaching


The purpose of establishing a master's degree in English language teaching can be summarized in the following areas:

1) Training of qualified and professional people to teach general English at different levels of education as well as teaching specialized language to students of different academic disciplines

2) Meeting the needs of society in terms of specialized human resources in the field of quantitative and qualitative research on language teaching and learning issues

3) The pathology of language teaching in the country and conducting research in order to improve the quality of language teaching and learning

4) Those who are selected for this course, while completing their previous knowledge in various fields and aspects of language teaching in general, and English in particular, are familiar with the theoretical principles, strategies and methods and mechanisms of teaching this language. Gain familiarity with the principles of planning and preparation and compilation of educational materials, taking the needs of society into account.

Graduates of this field will learn the basics of new technologies in language teaching, including how to use computers and mobile phones, to provide the necessary foundations for a fundamental change in the field of language teaching.

Course Length:

The length of the course is determined according to the educational regulations. According to the existing routine, students must graduate in 4 semesters. In special cases, it is possible to extend the academic years according to the regulations.

Number and Type of Courses:

Students are required to pass 26 courses (including 12 units of main courses and 14 units of optional courses) and in addition to courses, they must prepare a dissertation that is worth 6 units under the supervision of the supervisor and defend it in the presence of a tutor, advisor, and referee until they graduate.

Course Title:

Master of General Linguistics


The main outputs of research in linguistics, including "Identification, study and description of all Iranian languages ​​and dialects", including the standard Persian language, and ((Cooperation in research related to the activities of academies, lexicography, review ancient dialects, cultures and languages, translation, editing and research on Persian textbooks at different levels of education)) are among the other tangible services of Iranian linguists and linguists that link this knowledge to other branches of science in the country.

Speech therapy, despite the fact that since 1973, when the undergraduate course began at the Higher School of Rehabilitation and Social Welfare, in the fields related to the Ministry of Health and Treatment and Medical Education, has found its way apart from language departments. It takes part of its content from pure linguistics, and Persian linguistic studies, especially phonology and language psychology.

Undoubtedly, such a clear application of linguistic knowledge can be mentioned more; both directly and through its effective outputs for other branches of science that are systematically targeted and implemented in the country. But there are many conceivable applications, even actual capabilities, for linguistic studies in the modern world that go far beyond pure linguistics and direct linguistic outputs for other disciplines. This interdisciplinary role of linguistics is also clearly trusted among Iranian scholars in this field; For example, the Linguistics Research Institute of the Institute of Humanities, stated some of the goals of the research institute ("Education related to linguistics, especially in the fields of Persian literature, foreign languages, history, engineering, political science, journalism, communication, educational sciences", Medicine, teaching the Persian language, and preparing educational materials for different disciplines) (Objectives of the Linguistics Research Institute, 1397). However, in academic and research centers, despite such general goals, there is not much written program in the form of special courses that prepare the student or researcher specifically for the intended field of application.

Course Length:

The duration of the master's degree in linguistics is a maximum of 5 semesters. Extension of duration in exceptional cases will be allowed up to one semester at the discretion of the Graduate Council of the University.

Number and Type of Courses:

The master's degree in general linguistics is conducted in two ways: "educational-research" and "educational".

In the "educational-research" method, the number of main courses is 26 units and the number of dissertations is 4 units.

In the "educational" way. The whole course will be taught in units and 4 seminar units will replace the dissertation unit.

Course Title:

Ph.D. in English Language Teaching


The main purpose of this course is to train specialized human resources for the faculty of universities in order to teach different levels of English language courses.

Course Length:

The duration of the doctoral course in English language teaching is at least 2 years and the maximum length of the course for full-time students is 4 years, which includes two stages of teaching and compiling a dissertation.

The maximum authorized duration of the educational stage is four semesters, and if the student fails to complete the educational stage during this period, he will be denied the right to continue his studies.

The stage of compiling the dissertation begins after the student passes the exams of the educational stage and ends with compiling and defending the doctoral dissertation.

It is possible to increase the length of the course for three semesters with the suggestion of the supervisor and the approval of the group.


Type of Courses

Number of Units

Specialized Courses (Main)

16 Units

Optional Courses

8 Units

Passing Maximum Prerequisite Courses

18 Units (At the Department's Discernment)


20 Units

Head of the English Language Department

Dr. Mansour Ganji


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Department Secretary

Ms. Niloufar Sarabandi

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