Degrees and Concentrations:
Master of Persian Language and Literature


About Persian Language and Literature Department:

Persian language and literature have a plenteous, effective and fulgent history in Islamic Culture. Throughout history, Persian language has been prevalent in different regions and areas. Therefore, its general study to have a universal understanding of this valuable legacy in a social form seems to be necessary.


Persian Language and Literature Major and its Importance:

Persian Language and Literature Major in universities is a major which studies the various dimensions of Persian Language and Literature, and in addition to describing, criticizing and analyzing language and texts, has put its protection, strengthening and expansion in the forefront of its work. Persian Language and Literature, in addition to being promoted in various scientific centers in the field of Persian culture from ancient times to the present day has always been considered the language of culture and wisdom in many countries. Familiarity and skill in it have been an honor. It is necessary because the works of Persian literature contain plenteous culture content and rich artistic elements. Researcher of Persian language and literature field by learning the basics of rhetoric, grammar, history of literature and literary genres (epic, mysticism, lyrical literature, etc.), Political, cultural, and social history and knowledge of the basic and pivotal subjects of Persian Language and Literature, ability and appropriate conditions for education and research and up-to-date in this field of study was obtained.


Role and Abilities of the Graduates:

By fulfillment of this plan, it is expected from Graduates to acquire these abilities:

1.     Student’s skills in comprehending and analyzing Persian literary texts

2.     Skill at finding linguistic, formic, intellectual and literary relations, and literary forms in Persian literature

3.     Students familiarity and comprehension of content and structural imagination of Persian literary works

4.     Analyzing the influence of ingredients, social evolution and various discourses of Persian literature


Course Length:

Permitted period for the major’s degree is two years (four semesters).

Each semester is 18 weeks, consists of 16 weeks of education and 2 weeks of final examination of the semester.


Number of Units:

Total units of Persian Language and Literature Major in master’s in accordance with the regulations approved by the discontinuous master's courses of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology is a minimum of 28 and a maximum of 32 units.




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Head of Persian Language and Literature Department


Dr. Abdolghafour Jahandideh

Phone Number: (+98 54) 31272093

Department Secretary

Mr. Hadi Ghaemi
 Phone Number: (+98 54) 31272098