Maritime Engineering College is as old as Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) since it is this college that CMU began with. Originally named Chabahar Maritime College, CMU was founded with the cooperation of University of Sistan and Baluchistan and University of Southampton, England, in 1976. For the first two years after its establishment, the then Chabahar Maritime College would be managed by British professors and staff.

In 1979, after the glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran, all foreign personnel left Chabahar Maritime College and Iranian professors and staff filled their place. In 1983, following the Cultural Revolution in Iran, Chabahar Maritime College resumed its activities by admitting the first group of students through the nationwide entrance examination. In 1997, Department of Management and Maritime Commissary became independent from Maritime Engineering College and was later, in 2001, developed into Management and Humanities College. In 2002, Chabahar Maritime College became independent from Sistan and Baluchistan University and continued its activities as a Maritime and Marine Sciences Institute of Higher Education until June 2005, when it was promoted to a university. This promotion was followed by adding new programs such as Naval Architecture and Ship Building Engineering, Maritime Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, and Fisheries Engineering, among others. At present, all the courses which would once be taught by foreign professors are taught by Iranian professors including the top graduates of Chabahar Maritime University, who earned their Ph.D. degrees from top national and international universities using CMU scholarships.

Today, Maritime Engineering College, being the cornerstone of Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) is staffed with experienced professors, equipped with all required workshops and laboratories, and in‌ compliance with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). This college includes seven departments, namely, Marine Engineering (Engine), Navigation Engineering (Deck), Naval Architecture and Ship Building Engineering, Marine Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

In addition to offering bachelor's programs in the related fields, the said departments admit students to master's programs concentrated on Maritime Transport, Ports and Shipping, Energy Conversion, Hydrodynamics, and Coasts, Ports, and Marine Structures.

It is worth mentioning that the fruits of educational endeavors undertaken in Maritime Engineering College over the past four decades can be seen in the presence of a high number of its graduates serving in various national and international organizations.

Address: Maritime Engineering College, Chabahar Maritime University, University Boulevard, Chabahar, Iran

Postal Code: 56499-99717


Dean of Maritime Engineering College