Degrees and Concentrations:


1- Bachelor of Civil Engineering - development

2- Master of Civil Engineering - Coasts, ports and marine structures



The rapid and increasing growth of various sciences in the world, especially in the last two decades, necessitates the need for proper planning and redoubled efforts to coordinate with extensive scientific and industrial developments. Undoubtedly, self-confidence and the optimal use of human creativity and national wealth are among the most important factors that can be fruitful in this regard. In fact, with proper planning and optimal use of available tools and facilities, we can step on the path of progress and development. In this regard, each constructive project in different stages of initial studies, design, implementation and subsequent controls requires proper planning and optimal use of available facilities. The available statistics and the speed of recruitment of civil engineering graduates by ministries and government agencies as well as the private sector show the great importance of this department.

Relying on God Almighty and hoping to provide the necessary fields for promotion in the field of technical and engineering education of the society, the Department of Civil Engineering succeeded in obtaining the basic agreement of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for admission of undergraduate students. And the first department of students succeeded in getting to this university in 2008.

On the other hand, according to the long-term goals and missions of the university as well as the geographical location of the university, providing the necessary fields for training specialists in the field of marine structures and coastal engineering, was one of the main priorities of this department. Therefore, it has succeeded in attracting students to the master's degree in civil engineering-orientation of coasts, ports and marine structures since September 2016.

General Information:

This department's purpose is to train talented people who can perform the tasks of designing, managing and executing construction projects in the fields of roads, buildings and water works with sufficient scientific and technical knowledge and meet the development needs of society in this field. The courses of this collection consist of a set of theoretical, laboratory and practical courses, projects and internships.

Civil Engineering - Structures

Degree: Undergraduate

    Established: 2007

    First Series of Admission: February 2008

    Last Series of Admission: October 2010

Civil Engineering - development

Degree: Undergraduate

    First Series of Admission: October 2011

    Last Series of Admission: The program is still offered.

Civil Engineering - Coasts, Ports, and marine structures

Degree: Master

   First Series of Admission: October 2018

    Last Series of Admission: The program is still offered.

Faculty Members:


Field of Study


Place of Study

Mehdi Rezapour

Civil Engineering - coasts


University of Queensland Australia

Mehdi Yousefi

Civil Engineering - Structure


Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Hamed Safaei Niko

Civil Engineering - Structure


Iran University of Science and Technology

Amanullah Kurdi

Civil Engineering - Structure


Shiraz University

Hamid Shahrabadi

Civil Engineering - Structure


Iran University of Science and Technology

Davood Vafaei

Civil Engineering - Structure


Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran

Reyhane Eskandari

Civil Engineering - Water


Tabriz University

Seyed Hassan Marfa Delakabadi

Civil Engineering - Road and Transportation


Tehran University

Massoud Salar

Civil Engineering - Marine Structures

Ph.D. Student

University of Milan, Italy



Training System and Program:

The system and training program of the Civil Engineering Department consists of 141 units, which will usually be completed in a period of at least four years. This set of lessons includes the following table:

Lesson type Number of units

General courses 22 units

Basic science courses 20 units

Main courses 67 units

Optional courses 31 credits

 Research, training and workshop laboratories:

    cartography workshop

    Building Materials Laboratory

    Concrete Technology Laboratory

    High concrete technology laboratory

    Soil Mechanics Laboratory

    Strength of Materials Laboratory


Head of Civil Engineering Department


Dr. Mehdi Yousefi


Phone: (+98 54) 31272183 -054

Department Secretary

Ms. Zohreh Badini

Phone: (+98 54) 31272136