Degrees and Concentrations:

1. Bachelor of Ship Engineering

2. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering


Bachelor of Ship Engineering:

The urgent need of maritime organizations and organs for seafarers as well as marine scientists, especially ship motor engineers, is the main reason for the importance of the Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Engine) course. Therefore, one of the long-term goals of the design and implementation of this training course is the realization of the country's policies based on self-sufficiency in all, including the replacement of Iranian experts and specialists instead of non-Iranian forces on commercial and industrial ships.

This department, which was initially located in Sistan and Baluchestan University (Zahedan City), was transferred to the college of Marine Engineering of this university in Chabahar city in 1998, due to its special location of Chabahar city. It should be mentioned that this college was upgraded to a university in 2005 and continues its scientific activities under the name of Chabahar University of Maritime and Marine Sciences.

At present, the Department of Maritime Engineering (Engine), with 250 undergraduate students and seven permanent faculty members (instructor and assistant professor), is one of the most active departments of Chabahar University of Maritime and Marine Sciences, under the standard. ISO 9001-2000 and the requirements of the International Convention on the Standards of Training, Certification and Guarding of Seafarers (STCW 2010) deal with the training of naval specialists.

About Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Engine):

In this course, sciences and technologies related to the technical management of ship affairs are taught and the goal is to train specialized people for the above matters. The training of this course is in the form of theoretical, practical, internship and trainee courses on the ship. Graduates of this course, as experts, will be prepared and qualified for the technical guidance of ships and the management of their maintenance and repair, as well as the readiness to take on responsibilities and technical jobs related to the marine industry in shipyards and affiliated organizations. The importance of this field becomes clear with the development of the country's maritime industry and the priority that the government has given to the development of maritime transport in Iran, and considering the expansion of the country's commercial fleet and the plan to make Iranian maritime personnel. Those who are interested in this field should be physically healthy and want to work and travel in the seas.

As mentioned, ship engineers, as the ship's technical manager, are responsible for repairing, maintaining and operating the ship's engine, and for this reason, students in addition to undergoing theoretical training for three and a half years, take a six-month internship on ocean-going ships spend abroad in different international waters and ports.

Required and Recommended Abilities:

Ship engineering students must be strong in math and physics and fluent enough in English because some of the course resources are in English and on the other hand sending ship engineers on voyages abroad Requires fluency in English.

Definition of Work Responsibilities of Ship Engineers:

One of the most important responsibilities on a ship is the ship's mechanical engineers, who are responsible for setting up, maintaining and repairing the machines. In the engine house, there are 5 mechanical engineers with the ranks of chief engineer, second engineer, third engineer, fourth engineer and fifth engineer.

Duties of Ship Engineers:

Chief Engineer: Responsible for all ship machinery. Directly responsible for refrigeration equipment. Directly responsible for refueling and ship technical consultant

Second Engineer: Responsible for all machines at motor home

Third Engineer: Responsible for the main engine. Air compressors and boilers

Fourth Engineer: Responsible for generators. Fuel purifier and refueling device

Fifth Engineer: Checking and adjusting all machines at home.

Head of Maritime Engineering (Engine) Department

Dr.  Seyed Amin Hosseini


Phone: (+98 54) 31272131

Department Secretary

Ms. Roya Haghi

Phone: (+98 54)  31272136