Academic Advising


Academic advising is a developmental, interactive, and collaborative process in the course of which students seek and receive guidance for developing and achieving academic and career goals that are compatible with their personal interests, values, and abilities. It helps students to approach their education in an organized and systematic way and brings together all of the major dynamics and potentials in a student's life. This type of counseling is concerned not only with a specific personal or vocational decision but also with facilitating the student's rational processes, environmental and interpersonal interactions, behavior awareness, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and evaluation skills.


CMU Academic Advising Community’s Mission and Vision


The academic advising community of Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) aims at empowering students to be active and responsible learners who can take advantage of the opportunities which CMU provides in the areas of academics, research, and community engagement. CMU academic advisors are dedicated to making sure that all students are fully aware of every opportunity available to them and providing them with the guidance and support they require for developing and achieving meaningful educational, professional, and personal goals. In more detail, CMU academic advising community’s mission is to help students:

Ø  make a successful transition to CMU;

Ø  understand and take responsibility for knowing CMU policies and procedures;

Ø  know the requirements for their major and how to register for classes;

Ø  understand course loads necessary for timely progress toward their degree;

Ø  engage in experiential learning, research, and creative activities;

Ø  know academic support resources available to them;

Ø  know whom to contact for academic advising help;

Ø  utilize campus resources and support services;

Ø  develop an appropriate academic plan for timely graduation;

Ø  engage in an exploration of career goals related to their personal interests and area of study;

Ø  assess academic progress towards meeting their stated goals,

Ø  clarify potential avenues to reach those goals; and

Ø  pursue opportunities that help them in reaching their goals.


All incoming students are assigned a college advisor who advises them broadly about their academic pathways, helps them choose courses, provides guidance on curricular issues and opportunities, connects them with other members of their advising network, and serves as a resource for helping them make the best use of all that Chabahar Maritime University (CMU) has to offer. Students will meet their advisors every semester before registration, but they should reach out whenever they have questions. For more information, please visit General Department of Health by clicking here.