Throughout their experiences at Chabahar Maritime University (CMU), students undergo tremendous emotional, spiritual, and cognitive development. A crucial component of holistic student development and well-being is career development.

Career development is a lifelong process of self-exploration and awareness, continual acquisition of knowledge about the ever-changing world of work, and decision-making. Most students will undergo several career changes throughout their lives; therefore, it is essential that they are empowered and equipped with the understanding of how to make career decisions.

College student career development refers to the processes involved in making career decisions and the outcomes of those decisions for individuals in college. According to developmental theories of career decision making, traditional-age college students are often attempting to refine their understanding of themselves, learn about the world of work, and discover how they might make work a part of their lives. Nontraditional-age college students report similar challenges, although they generally have less need to select career goals than do younger students. Not all individuals who pursue a college education do so solely for the purpose of preparing for a career, although for many, career preparation is a significant factor contributing to their decisions to enroll in a college or university. Thus, the primary vocational challenge faced by college students is choosing a major and deciding on career goals. Other important challenges include performing effectively in academic pursuits and learning skills that will enable students to succeed in a desired career.